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            Web Marketing for Fencing Professionals

            We know the fence industry better than anyone in Web Marketing!
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            Why Fencing professionals choose us:
            • Business Partner of AFA since 2005.
            • Leading provider of Web Marketing services for fence professionals.
            • Consistent speaker at annual AFA Conferences.
            • Quarterly Webinars for AFA members detailing the newest best practices for Web Marketing.
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            What our clients say about us:"We updated our Website with Market Hardware. They took the time to work with us to develop a site that is user friendly and SEO marketable. Thanks Market Hardware for your expertise and customer service!"Carrie West | Piedmont Fence

            Web Marketing Experts for the Fence Industry

            The fencing industry has changed dramatically in the last several years. Given the recent trends in technology, many fencing professionals have shifted their business from service and repair to entry systems, gate automation and access control. Whether your business has shifted with technology trends, or you still focus on service and installation, we have seen it all and have solutions for you and your business.

            Market Hardware has worked with AFA and their members for over 10 years. Our knowledge of manufacturers and the differences between residential, commercial and industrial fence professionals helps us understand the specific goals of your operation. We speak your language. Isn't it time for a partner who knows fence experts as well as they know Web Marketing?

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            Here are just a few of the folks we are proud to call family. Contact us to see more!

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            Here are just a few of the folks we are proud to call family. Contact us to see more!

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            Our people are plugged into the top levels at Google, Facebook and more. So our staff gets to preview what's next. We also get invited to "By Invitation Only" events hosted by the major players. Game-changing scoops and endorsements that enable us to give our clients a genuine, competitive edge. Advantages you won't get from independent tech-geeks or big corporations who don't enjoy the person-to-person access we do. The Web, Google and Facebook are constantly evolving, and we evolve with them. It's the cutting edge, freshly sharpened just for you.